MRC Executive Chairs - M057 High Back Revolving Office Chair (Brown)

MRC M057 High Back Revolving Office Chair (Brown)


About this item:
  • Product Dimension: Height (44.5-48 in),Width (21 in),Depth (22 in) Focused on Comfort & Durability.
  • Heavy Tilting Mechanism with Chrome base allows 360 Degree Revolving
  • Long Lasting & Posture Friendly Ensuring Extended Working & Sitting Hours.
  • Internal frame material is of Wood with Upholstery cover of Leatherette along with extra padding.
  • Easy Assembling in Few Seconds (Just Connect Hydraulic with Mechanism & Stand)

As the average length of the working day has increased and more and more people began spending time sitting, the realization dawned that chairs with additional support were needed. Ultimately, this is what spawned the ergonomic movement, which saw the creation of office chairs with much better lumbar supports, fostering better overall posture. If you spend several hours a day sitting in front of your computer, then you need a chair with ergonomic supports. You’ll pay more for it, but the extra money will save you doctor and chiropractor bills.

MRC executive Chairs, are the manufacturers of entire range of Executive chairs, Office chairs and Cafeteria chairs. With its commitment to quality, innovation and unswerving determination, it has grown in stature and size in such a short span of time.Our company MRC Executive Chairs has been successful in making sense of it & creating its own unique identity & image. Since our company was established it has spread new insight & knowledge about the importance of companies image & how it changes between different markets. It is a combination of vinyl, steel, plastic, glass or wood having monochromatic colours and sleek silhouettes. Modern furniture lives at the intersection of clean lines and relaxed comfort accentuating form and function. Its simplicity personified having crisp lines and simple colour palettes, nothing is excessive or flamboyant.Uptight Schedules, Meetings And Work Can Certainly Tire You Up, Thus We Bring To You A Worthy And Comforting Office Chair That Will Allow You To Relax And Help You Work With Minimum Stress! Executive Chair Is Ergonomically Designed In Rich And Premium Material To Provide Your Back Complete Support. With An Absolute Professional Look, This Adjustable Office Chair Is Appropriately Cushioned Both At The Seat And The Back That Offers All Day Relaxation And Support. In Addition To Lower Back Support And Border Detailing, It Has Comfortable Arm Rests. This Boardroom Chair Can Be Adjusted As Per Your Height With An Easy To Use Lever Control. Allowing You A 360 Degree Swivel Movement, This Chair Promises You A Long Term Endurance And Will Certainly Improve Your Work Efficiency.


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