• Gaming chairs is best investment for who spend long hours sitting Infront of a computer screen.
  • This is definitely a high-quality top-end chair and the perfect addition to a gamer’s setup to increase comfort and promote good posture.
  • Common design choices in gaming chairs such as a high backrest and neck pillow are all conducive to providing maximum support for your back while encouraging good posture.
  • Adjustable arms avoid muscle aches in the shoulder and help properly position shoulders. The armrests give support to the elbows and forearms, helping prevent the shoulders from slouching. By boosting your arms, the armrests can prevent uncomfortable shoulder pain and neck cricks.
  • Nylon Wheels are incredibly strong and provide high load capacities, excellent wear and tear resistance and can cope with occasional impact without fracture, and in addition are relatively inexpensive compared to other materials with comparable properties.

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MRC executive Chairs, are the manufacturers of entire range of Executive chairs, Gaming chairs Office chairs and Cafeteria chairs. With its commitment to quality, innovation and unswerving determination, it has grown in stature and size in such a short span of time. Our executive chair delivers on what’s important – performance, style and durability. Crafted and designed for those who are in their chair for Six or more hours per day, the model has a tech-savvy design to enhance productivity and best comfort with highly ergonomically design. This chair can be easily customized to fit virtually any user. The PU leather material gives comfort to its user while sitting. The High-back design offers support to the full back & neck region. The chair’s five-star base has a 360-degree swivel. Also enjoy generous seating space while your work. This incredibly versatile chair has been a favorite among the corporate.

MRC EXECUTIVE Predator Gaming Chair

The Predator Gaming Chair is the Big Boss’s Ergonomic plush, ultra-luxe, high back chair preferably with a headrest. The Chair offers superior lumbar support, 360-degree swivel options for effortless mobility and pneumatic height adjustments. Some of them have waterfall front seat edges to ease the pressure from the lower legs and considerably improve circulation.

Reclining angle of 180 degrees, you can periodically lean back to rest as you work. Awesome tilt tension knob seat controls the rate and ease of recline. Whether you are playing hard working or are about to take a nap, MRC racing chairs have the right angle to fit your needs.

Fiber stand with Nylon caster wheels

Fiber stand with caster nylon wheels, suitable for hard floors, carpet and more, without noise during swiveling and the won’t scratch the surface of the floor


Back Rest

The one of the special feature in chair is back can be adjusted as per your relief. The lumbar back chair gives you relief from back pain . one of the best chair for playing games and working long hours. cushion in back can be adjusted up and down.

Head Rest

While playing games and working for long hours everyone needs comfort in chair, this is one of the chair that gives you most comfort. The adjustable head rest cushion give relief while working continues for long time, the head rest gives comfort to your head as well as your neck.


Adjustable Arms

Chair has a strong built handle with adjustable arms which makes your hand rest more comfortable and adjusted as per your desk height . The material used in arms makes you feel comfortable and soft while hands are kept on that.


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Dimensions 105 × 65 × 60 cm


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